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Welcome to Ideasplace

Ideasplace is a space for posting useful information for people who make stuff, either for fun or for work (or both).

It contains some links to manufacturers, suppliers and pages of information that might be be helpful to us and like-minded people.

We hope that the content here is useful to you, if you are happy that we share this page (or not so much), please let us know on, we would love to hear from you but please be nice. If you see something inaccurate or you have something that you would like removed or posted please email us.

Pages of useful or interesting links

  • Suppliers - Companies and organisations that sell stuff
  • Manufacturers - Companies and organisations that make stuff (and OEM)
  • Information - Sites that have information useful to makers (Enthusiast and Commercial)
  • Programming - Sites that have information useful to people learning to program)
  • Training - Sites and channels that contain courses or tutorials (Commercial and Enthusiast)
  • Video Resources - links to video content on YouTube and other platforms about maker and crafting related subjects
Note on links: These links are provided as-is. They are not endorsements of the organisations listed, we have no affiliation with them and are provided here for education and reference use only. If you find a broken link please let us know.

Pages of useful or interesting information

Note on content: for those of us posting pages of textual or pictoral content onto this wiki:

Please ensure you have an explicit rights to use the content you are posting.

Do not post any text or images you didn't create yourself or know for 100% sure are open source and you can use it and provide attribution (..and even then, that stuff often has a license attached.). If site moderators see something that they suspect to be contentious, we will remove it - no matter how long you spent making it look nice on this platform. It usually is better and safer to just provide a link to the content, we are not in this for the view counts so let the original site earn on the click-thrus for their hard work generating original content. Ideasplace cannot afford to fight legal battles just because someone posted another person or organisations's content, in good faith or other, without permission. Lecture over.

About our site

Our site is not sponsored or externally funded, this is purely a non-profit enthusiast site that was founded on the basis of sharing and collaboration so please join, share and contribute.

Apart from use within the software maintaining the site, we don't manage mailing lists or spam, we don't look at what you are doing, we are too busy with our own stuff and that is not what this is about.

All rights reserved by their respective copyright holders, this site is for informational and educational purposes only.

If you would like something removed please let us know on removemystuff@

Note: Membership signup to Ideasplace is currently disabled due to extreme spamming, if you would like to join or submit entries please write to us.